How to disinfect fishing gear in Iceland?


I visited Iceland for a short fishing trip last autumn. As it was pretty hard to find clear information how the disinfection process is done in Iceland, I decided to take some photos and put them here.

To sum up. Everything is very easy. I would not bother doing the thing at home with local vet. Besides you never know if the stamps you get are valid, put you certainly will pay for it at home also. (If you choose to do that you can print the form from web.


Before trip

Do not take unnecessary extra rods or reels with you. You will pay for each. Pack your waders and other stuff, so that they are easily reachable and you can also pack them back wet.

Things you need to disinfect are boots, waders, rods, nets, reels, lines – at least. I advise to take new flies or buy them at Reykjavik, because the patterns and sizes are anyway different from the ones you use in Norways big rivers…


Arriving Keflavik: do like this.

Before the customs, turn left towards red line.
You will see this machine.


Press Disinfection button.


Service person comes and gives you a form. Fill in what you have.


Your gear is moved to disinfection room and personal start to work with them.


Operation takes about 15 minutes so you can read a book or plan what you are going to buy from the tax free after the customs. (Yes it is possible and recommendable).



The miracle happens behind the closed door.


When your gear is ready, you pack them and you are taken to payment point, which is same as Parking Cashier.


And this is what you pay. For basic set waders, boots, reel and rod (1-5 pcs) 4900 ISK and extra rod 300 (ISK) . Thats about rough 43 €.


And remember: (Well it is not my line, but I dare to copy it here, because if you are going to Iceland, this might appear to your mind…)

”Throw any guilty conscience away. Salmon fishing is a limited resource and therefore it is and it has to be expensive.” You have paid it, you´ll survive, enjoy it!”

Tight lines!

East Ranga delivers.


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